Brian Barghout - Fellow Royal Society Of Arts

Brian Barghout – BSC Chem Eng FRSA

I’m British, and I’ve followed an entrepreneurial path now for more than 25 years.

After graduating as a  BSc Chemical Engineer from a British university, I began my career in 1984 at Sheibarg Manufacturing, a Bradford export and manufacturing company, that sold chemicals and raw materials, and  manufactured metal containers that were used by the chemical and paint industries.

Initially working in the export department, I was dissatisfied with the job and switched career paths entering the company’s sales force. I was successful in sales and moved up through the ranks becoming a Director within a few years.

In 1990 at 29 years of age I formed an equity management company which then bought out Sheibarg Manufacturing. Within 18 months Sheibarg became the largest independent manufacturer of Lever lid containers, and the second largest manufacturer of lever lid metal containers in the UK.

Having made my mark on the company, I sold all my shares in Sheibarg and started a new company Barplas Limited in 1994, making plastic containers, and other items for the consumer packaging industry.

In the years that followed there were other successful company start ups, and projects.

In my experience I’ve generally found that usually successful businessmen succeed because they are driven by the excitement of making money and pushing their businesses forward.  In my case I must confess to having an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a love for technological innovation and design.

I gave talks on product design and innovation, and for a time worked along side notable designers such as Nick Butler OBE, chairman, BIB Design Consultants Ltd.

In 1999 whilst working on a project called “The TRIP” an innovative Shaving System,  Nick Butler OBE was my sponsor and I became a fellow of the The Royal Society of Arts (RSA). Something which I feel was a tremendous privilege .

By 2000 Barplas had become the second largest manufacturer of plastic cylindrical lever lid containers in the UK. On December 16th 2002,  I struck out for the far east and became involved in various businesses both manufacturing and exporting. I maintained my shares in Barplas Ltd. until it was subsequently sold in 2006.

Currently my time is divided between my home in Bangkok, and my work in Hong Kong, China, and the UK.

Brian Barghout BSc FRSA