In 1990,aged 29 years old, I lead a successful management Buy-Out of the company that employed me, Sheibarg Ltd, in the UK.

Sheibarg Manufacturing and Trading Co. Ltd.  was a manufacturer of metal tinplate containers mainly used by the paint industry.

Over a period of 6 months, a relatively short period of time we eliminated credit accounts with clients that didn’t comply with our credit payment terms and were repeatedly late payers, and renegotiated with our suppliers for better terms.

The net effect of this discipline was that although we reduced the turnover by approximately 50%, we were able to, at the same time increase the profit by 600%.

By the following year Sheibarg was established and recognized as the second largest manufacturer of metal containers in the UK.

I sold my shares in 1992.

This first achievement was a major stepping stone that led to my financial independence and subsequent business activities.

In 1994 I started another packaging company, but this time in plastic packaging not metal.

The company was called Barplas ltd, and we designed, marketed, and manufactured, plastic containers for the Paint industry. Within a few short years, other than Barplas Ltd and Reed Packaging Group PLC (RPC), all other competitors in this field in the UK and Europe were eliminated, and Barplas became one of only two companies worldwide that could manufacture plastic Lever Lid Paint Containers.

Barplas was sold in November 2006, at which time Barplas had about 15% of the UK market share for Plastic Paint containers, a turnover of about £5 Million and 50 employees. Barplas at this time continues to do business under new management from RPC.

Whilst working with Barplas, In 1997 I created a consultancy “Imago Developments Ltd.”, what made us unique is that not only could we talk the talk, but we could walk the walk. I Designed, Patented, and Marketed, the “Trip”, a product for shaving. I was during this time senior design consultant, and frequently gave presentations on various subjects related to design, manufacturing, and innovation.

In between all the above I also trained  to became a Dale carnegie instructor.