Sheibarg Manufacturing

Sheibarg Manufacturing was founded in 1978 with the specific purpose of manufacturing tinplate containers and cans. From small origins the company evolved into a highly automated facility specialising in the volume production of containers for paints, greases, oils, and solvents.

Originally situated in  Shipley, a small town in the north of England the company moved to a 17,000 sq. ft building in Bradford in 1980, and continued to operate from there for a futher six tears. Subsequent growth necessitated further relocation and we moved the factory once again to a 60,000 sq. ft. building on its own 5.5 acre site in September 1986.

In 1990 together with my brother Sam Barghout and two other partners I led a management buyout and we acquired the company.

We implemented an aggressive policy of continued investment and positive expansion, and shortly thereafter became the largest privately owned manufacturer of metal lever lid containers in the UK.

Our ability to consistently improve both our product range and efficiency, resulted in an expansion of the range of goods and services we were able to offer our clients.

In 1993, I left Sheibarg and sold my interest in the company.  In addition to tinplate containers, Sheibarg was now supplying printed sheets as well as new and reconditioned machinery, and offered a comprehensive advisory and consulting service to recommend suitable equipment for specific Container manufacturing operations.