Making The Most of Design

UK companies need to design for competitive advantage and sell more products worldwide in order to reverse the UK’s economic trend. We as manufacturers and designers should stress the importance of the customer; assess customer needs; and provide them with suitable products.

For those interested, here you can see some images of The Trip 3-in-1 shaving system, together with an animation illustrating how the whole thing worked. I worked alongside many gifted and very talented people among whom were Nick Butler OBE, former professor at the Royal College of Art, and a Director of a Major Design company BIB Design Ltd, with whom I also collaborated as a Senior Design Consultant.

Together we overcame many technical obstacles that stood in the way of this project, for example, we were able to design the Capsule at the tail end of the tube to accommodate any razor that was available at that time.

Removing the razor from the capsule