Now shaving’s a lot less lather

From the Telegraph & Argus, first published Wednesday 17th May 2000.

Now Shaving is a Lot Less Lather

Now Shaving is a Lot Less Lather

Bradford businessman Brian Barghout was fed up with his shaving equipment taking up so much space on business trips.  Now he has come up with a three-in-one shaving kit that has been taken up by national store Superdrug.

And other national retailers are expected to add his invention to their shelves in a bid to sell a million in the next year.  Mr Barghout’s kit, called The Trip, includes a tube of shaving cream with a shaving brush attached and a Bic disposable razor.

And now The Trip is to be used to finish off shaving the head of Sky TV sports pundit Rodney Marsh, who vowed to lose his locks if Bradford City stayed in the Premier League. When City moved into the Premier League last season, Marsh boasted he would have his head shaved in public if the team stayed there.

Mr Barghout, whose firm is based in Raymond Street, West Bowling, said: “I am delighted City have won and that the win keeps them in the Premier Division. I cannot wait for Rodney Marsh to have his head shaved as my product will be used to do it.”

City chairman Geoffrey Richmond said: “The club will be more than happy to involve Brian’s invention and will do all it can to encourage a Bradford businessman to secure all the publicity he can for his invention.  “We have yet to set a date for Rodney Marsh to have his head shaved. But when it happens, Brian’s invention will be used to complete the job. “The haircut will be carried out by a professional hairdresser who will use The Trip as part of the proceedings.”

Mr Barghout started his business in 1995 with five employees. It now employs 35 workers and has a turnover of £2.5 million.
He said: “I have had a lot of help from different organisations in the city – particularly Business Link – and it was a struggle getting the product to market because we are a small company.  “But now it is on the shelves of Superdrug we expect other retailers to follow and to sell a million of The Trips in the next 12 months.”

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