The Trip Shaving System

Of all the things I’ve done, this was one of the most satisfying.

I was privileged to work with some wonderful and remarkably talented people, such as Nick Butler OBE former Professor at the Royal College of Art, Chairman of BIB Design Consultants, and of of Britain’s premier designers.

The conceptualization and effort that went into creating the TRIP wasn’t driven by the normal commercial considerations and sheer greed. instead what we created was a truly wonderful product that didn’t have the stamp of mediocrity and design by committee.

The Complete THREE-in-ONE Wet Shaving System

A shaving system comprising the three basic ingredients required to give the ultimate wet shave.

The Brush, The Cream, The razor

These are combined in a unique shaving system designed to provide you with a convenient, space efficient, state of the art, yet traditional shave…

at Home, at the Hotel, on Holiday.

Specially formulated with avocado oil to moisturise and vegetable glycerine to lubricate, this luxurious cream, together with the action of the unique brush applicator will stimulate the bristles to give an incredibly smooth, close shave.